Embroidery Project Update-Little Teddy Bear Chatelaine-Embroidering Bullion Knot Stitch Daisies

After prepping the draft for the previous post, I took a break from blogging and got back to embroidering the Teddy Bear’s dress pocket. The pocket pattern for the front is for several daisy clusters and a few scattered flowers and buds.

Here is my rough interpretation of the pattern given and my transfer of the ‘dots’ to the fabric for the front pocket. I poked holes in the paper pattern and simply used a pencil to mark the dots where the center of the daisies, bees, flowers and buds go. That was my quick and easy way to transfer the pattern to the fabric.

Bear Bullion Daisy Pattern and Dot TransferClose Up of Bullion Daisy Dots

The embroidered daisies are bullion knot stitches. I’ve made them with a milliner’s needle (9). Here are some still photos of my bullion knots. I come up in the fabric, take a stitch, wrap the thread at the exit end of that stitch, pull thru, pull taut, and secure the stitch. Hopefully, the pictures will help you to see the bullion stitch and the beginning form of the daisies on the dress.

Starting the Bullion PetalWrapping the Bullion Daisy Petal

Pulling the Bullion Taut

Attaching Wrapped Bullion Daisy Petal

Here is the start of the daisy clusters.

Daisy clusters;bullions only

The stems are sewn with a between (12). All the stems are done in stem stitch (novel idea eh?) and the leaves are done in detached chain stitches. This is what the daisies look like at this point.

Bullion Daisy Clusters with leaves

They aren’t done yet. I am done for the night tonight and will take more photos when I get back to stitching it again tomorrow.

I hope you are having fun. Life needs more fun. Go ahead, have some fun!


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2 responses to “Embroidery Project Update-Little Teddy Bear Chatelaine-Embroidering Bullion Knot Stitch Daisies

  1. paulahewitt

    the bullion knots make great petals – yours are very neat. If you are looking for another embroidery resource check out Elizabeths blog – quieter moments.wordpress.com – she does experiments with stitches, and some how to’s

  2. Paula, Thanks for the compliment. I really like making bullion knots. I made them BEFORE someone told me that they are not the favored stitch of all…see what perception can do to you… 😉 I’ll check out the blog…thanks for the reference. smiles, alicia in Hawaii

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