Embroidery Project -Little Teddy Bear Chatelaine-Embroidery from Inspirations Magazine

This is the bear that forced me BUY the Inspirations Magazine that started this whole embroidery mess. 😉

I didn’t get any pictures of the bear in the building process, mostly because I hadn’t thought of starting a blog…and I was too excited creating the bear…to really stop to take pictures. (Bad…Bad…shame on the archivist). As you see my little bear is similar to the guru’s bear. She isn’t symmetrical I suppose, but, hey, we are all a little ‘off’ right?

She’s made from felt and DMC embroidery floss. I’ve already been through an amigurumi, bear, doll, and stuffed animal phase, so I have lots of cool doll/bear eyes, and she has a set of brown pearl bear eyes. I think I used a larger mm than called for, simply because I am an amigurumi fan and love the animated larger eye effect. She’s naked now…like all good bears are.

Inspirations Bear

I have the materials for the dress and accessories and have managed to cut out the little dress. It’s almost ready to embroidered. Here is the material and the little dress cut out. It’s a greenish upholstery like fabric. The pocket is the hourglass shape part each has a fusible pellon on the reverse side. The other pieces are the dress bodice. I have the basic embroidery design penned out on that little sheet of paper there. Now, all I have to do is transfer the design spots with an HB pencil…then VOILA! off to embroider the pocket!

Bear Pocket/Dress Fabric

I will have to grab a few photos of it as I actually get to embroidering it. Which could be NOW!

Go ahead, try it, make a bear! Have some fun.



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2 responses to “Embroidery Project -Little Teddy Bear Chatelaine-Embroidery from Inspirations Magazine

  1. I got forced into buying this issue too! Haven’t made my bear yet though… gotta finish the wedding gift, the eyeglass case, the cap, and a small quilt first. Lovely blog! I’ll come visit again!

  2. Hi Edie, Thanks for visiting. I hope I can post enough interesting and inspiring things for you to return often. Funny how those little goodies on the front covers of magazines can just wear us down, until we have no choice but to buy the copy. What great spy interrogation items…(oh, no one really does that …right?) heehee…smiles, alicia in Hawaii

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