In the Beginning-A Few More Embroidered Quilt Squares

Even if you are an absolute new, fresh, never done embroidery, beginner, I encourage you to just jump in and give ANY project a try. Even if the results don’t come out picture perfect to your ‘ideal’, you will have a lot of fun giving it a go! Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!

After completing my very first embroidery project ever, a quilt square found in Inspirations Magazine, I went ahead, in between stitching the yellow faery/fairy and the bougainvillea, and embroidered a few more squares from the quilt pattern. These are all embroidered on calico with a light stabilizer ironed on the back before stitching. Each pattern was traced to vellum then transferred via light-box and HB pencil. They are really fun to stitch and I really like the results.

Heart Embroidery Quilt SquareTopiary Embroidered Quilt Square

I am using these squares as small curtains to hang as closures for the new bedside table we designed for my mom. I think the soft curtain closures will make items within the cabinet more accessible since she will not have to open a full door to get to the goodies stashes in her beside table.

Garden Gate Embroidered Quilt Square

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One response to “In the Beginning-A Few More Embroidered Quilt Squares

  1. Lesley O'Brien

    Love the heart shape one. How do I get the pattern and how much ?
    Thank you.

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