Original Embroidery Design-Yellow Faery (Fairy)

My husband and I are remodelling my parents’ bedroom and it will be tones of yellows, reds, plums and lace white. My mom loves faeries, dragons and flowers, so I thought this would be a great Mother’s Day gift, after framing, for her newly designed bedroom. (I will have to embroidery a Dragon separately for another holiday) 😉

I created the color palette and stitch design for this yellow faery embroidery. She uses various cotton embroidery flosses, silk embroidery floss (for her face), Kreinik filament, and silk embroidery ribbon in her design. I really am pleased with her and thought she’d make a great embroidery related banner her for my new blog. She’ll be the header for a while… 😉

Mother\'s Day Yellow Faery

The faery is from a Dover Book, Fairies and Elves Iron On Transfer Patterns. I didn’t use the actual transfer pattern in the book at the full size. I re-sized the transfer and used a light box to trace the new sized embroidery pattern onto the fabric with a HB pencil.

resized faery

Her wings are stumpwork embroidery (Resource: A-Z of Stumpwork) formed from stainless steel wire and remnant gossamer fabric.

Stumpwork yellow faery wing parts

The material is a gorgeous piece of tie-dyed cotton from Wal Mart…yes, Wal Mart…I think it was $6/yd and I used only a 15×15 square of it. I moved her, the faery pattern, re-sized, all over the fabric design until I found a place that resembled a cloud-like form that could be supporting her and her flower. When I moved the design around, it found a spot where “if just fit in”. 😉

Tie-Dyed Fabric


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3 responses to “Original Embroidery Design-Yellow Faery (Fairy)

  1. Sindy

    That is so beautiful!!! Want to do my room next?!?!

  2. Sindy,
    Thanks! Glad you like it.
    alicia in Hawaii

  3. She’s just stunning – great job!

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