Embroidery: Beginning An Original Design – Painting Fabric with Watercolors

Once I had the fabric samples marked off and the paper templates cut out, I could start painting the fabric. My whole focus with this was to simply getting to the paint and embroider part of the projects…instead of spending countless hours stuck in my journal and thinking about painting and embroidering…I’d actually be painting and embroidering!

I didn’t get a picture of the actual watercolor set up. Basically, you set your material on a workspace, set up your paints. (I used watercolor, but acrylics, fabric paints, or dyes work just as well.) Once all that is ready to go, you can paint with any techniques you prefer. I simply did what I felt like at the time and didn’t give it too much ‘thought’. I wanted the blocks to simply paint themselves instead of me over analyzing the process. (Which I can do a LOT of…)

I like to use watercolor wet in wet. I wet the fabric with a wash brush to give the watercolor a way to ‘run’ and blur into unusual unpredictable patterns and flow. I did some lifting of wet watercolor and some dry brushing as well. I also tried some graded washes. While painting, I used the templates to just cover over sections of the 4×6 fabric areas. That left a pattern of sorts either on the edges of the painted areas. I lifted the templates and moved them around and just played with the painted areas that were left to create some designs. When you paint your blocks, just have fun with it and see what turns up. I know that I may not use all the blocks, and even if I don’t ANY of the ones that I painted, Hey, At least I was Painting and not thinking about painting. ; )

I had the painted ‘bricks’ hanging on a small drying line, yes, stretched across my computer room-under construction-

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One response to “Embroidery: Beginning An Original Design – Painting Fabric with Watercolors

  1. Gisele

    Hi–I’m about 3 years late but I love what you’ve done with the fabric. I thought I was the only one in the world who painted fabric with watercolor paint and pencils. Couldn’t find anything on the subject with others claiming it couldn’t be done. You never know until you’ve tried, right? Good work!

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