Embroidery: Beginning An Original Design – Define the Space

As I searched and searched to create the “perfect” original embroidery project, my journal lists got longer and longer and my sketch book got a few more scribbles and layouts…but I realized…


So…in the spirit of Creation and somewhat Zen or Tao art…I’ve decided to Let the Beginning start where It wants to start…

Thus, In the Beginning…I cut out a size boundary. A 4X6 area of space in which to create. This way, the space is small enough to create something rather quickly, and the sparks of ideas will easily flow for that space. After defining the space, I simply transferred that block size to various material sources. I used several muslin pieces, some synthetics, a few linen-like pieces, and some calico.


mark out 4x6 areamark out 4x6 on various fabrics

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One response to “Embroidery: Beginning An Original Design – Define the Space

  1. paulahewitt

    This is how I felt a little while ago (before my embracing medicrity post) i was thinking, writing, organising…but not actually doing. I’m glad I’ve discovered your blog – will be following with interest. ps if you are interested in stumpwork hunt out books by Jane Nicholas, and a book called Just stitch by Lesley Turpin Delport.

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